Resumption of construction on the outskirts of Barcelona

Despite the prolonged crisis in the real estate market, in the closest neighborhood of Barcelona, Esplugues de Llobregat takes up a grandiose construction project. Developed in the 90s of the last century, its implementation was planned in 2004, however, until 2021 it was in the freezing stage. During this time, the slopes of the Collserola hills that surround Barcelona (this is where the project is planned to be carried out) managed to become covered with undergrowth and the surrounding spaces deteriorated.

However, there will soon be plans to build a new modern neighborhood, consisting of multi-story buildings with more than 700 apartments. The first part of construction consisting of five blocks of flats and public buildings. The next project in line of execution is a shopping center and urban buildings in the southern part of Avenida Diagonal, at the junction with the Ronda de Dalt highway. In addition to residential buildings and a shopping center, the project also includes the construction of two 23-story office buildings.

And, although formally the future neighborhood will belong to the city of Esplugues de Llobregat, thanks to its convenient transport connections it can also be compared with remote areas of Barcelona. Modern construction technologies, the proximity to the strategically important Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona Airport and the Pedralbes district, where the best international schools are located, also indicate that the apartments in this neighborhood will be highly valued in the real estate market and they will be in demand despite the high prices.

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