How to protect your property purchase transaction

Spain is a European country where real estate transactions are protected by law. Nevertheless, here, too, unfortunately, various problems may arise when buying a home. For instance:

– Real estate owners can provide you with documents that do not correspond to reality, for example, a certificate of the condition of housing, issued several years ago. Or hide from you the existence of debt in the community of residents. Such information must be requested from the relevant services prior to concluding a preliminary purchase agreement.

– Unfortunately, even construction companies can turn out to be unscrupulous partners and work, for example, without appropriate accreditation. Therefore, it is so important to thoroughly check the information about the developer.

In addition, each specific transaction is accompanied by many nuances that require clarification and correct execution. That is why, as a rule, the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain is accompanied not only by competent realtors, but also by experienced lawyers who, if necessary, will take on all the documentary chores and ensure the reliability of the transaction.
In our case, you do not have to look for two specialists, because our bureau deals not only with the selection of real estate and organizing negotiations with its owners, but also with full legal support of the transaction. You will only need one thing – not to worry and calmly choose the apartment or house of your dreams, entrusting all the documentary chores to professionals.

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