Another opportunity for potential investors in Spain

Considering the option of buying real estate for further obtaining a Golden Visa on this basis, many are faced with the following dilemma: for example, I am ready to buy an expensive apartment or house in Spain, but circumstances do not yet allow me to live there permanently, because business and business are still connected with another country What to do in this case?

In this case, it is important to remember that the investor’s residence permit has no restrictions on the length of stay in Spain. This means that you will not be required to be here for any specific time. Therefore, you can purchase a property based on its profitability in the rental market and rent it safely out of Spain. Thus, your investment will generate income for you, while at the same time ensuring for you and your family the right to freely find and visit Spain and the Schengen countries at any time convenient for you.

But how to organize all this if a busy schedule does not allow you to arrive longer than a few days? How to draw up a lease agreement with tenants, open a bank account to which the payment will be transferred?

For this you have us. Our experts will help you at all stages – they will select real estate options with the highest possible rental rate, draw up a lease agreement for you, open an account in a Spanish bank and, of course, prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit for you, and if necessary, also for your family.

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